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New to Beacon Site. Added new layers of Residential and Agricultural sales. To use Check layer and make sure that the greyed "i" is on desired layer. The small "i" that is normally the first tool on the tool bar should be clicked and the 'map tip hover mode' below that clicked on. The sold property should be highlighted on your map. hovering or clicking on 1 of the polygons should bring up the sale information box.

While Ringgold County is providing limited parcel search capabilities here; at present the sales will be maintained in the existing format. Reasons include with limited amount of sales, database searches are of questionable value and the current system allows you to access records at time of sale and not current information on historical sales. If requests are made we may reconsider that position but that is the current plan.

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All data is subject to confirmation with the Assessor's office. Much of the information is condensed for this webpage

2017 sales

2017 Ag Sales

2016 sales

2016 Ag Sales
Section 12 & 13 Linclon Township Hog Confinement Split Parcel 4.53 Acres

2015 sales

Residential sales map New 12-21-15 click on shaded boxes for sales information
2015 Ag sales 12-16-15
2015 Ag sales sorted by date
Map of Ag and Residential sales 2015 New feature very simple map showing location of sales in the county
potts estate sale 31 parcels
2710 Co Hwy P46 Hog Confinement Split Parcel 12.13 Acres
2025 325th St Hog Confinement 2 Parcels 25.45 Acres
Sun Valley all sales thru Nov 1

2014 sales

2014 Ag sales using new CSR2 with land use adjustments
Ag sales using new CSR2 with land use adjustments sorted by date
2014 Forest Res Report

2013 sales

2013 Commercial salesas of 1-14-2014
Ag sales for 2013 year-end as of 1-14-14
property card on hog confinement sale
Spreadsheet of all ag sales 1-14-14 for your study
Spreadsheet of 42 ag sales which assessor deems arms length and not unduly influenced by non farming interests

2012 sales

Summary of all 2012 residential sales
Summary of all 2012 Commercial sales

Ag sales for 2012 plus Shields sale

2010 Residential Sales summary
2010 Dwlgs with acres Sales summary
2009 Residential Sales Summary
Rural Residential Sales non Sun Valley
2009 Commercial Sales or Cards here
2008 Commercial Sales

2011 Individual property cards click here Sales property cards
SUN VALLEY MAP in PDF(large file)
Summary of all Sun Valley Sales for 2010
Summary of all Sun Valley Sales for 2011
Sun Valley sales 2009SUMMARY

2011 Mount Ayr All Sales
2009 Town Residential Sales All towns
2008 Mt Ayr Residential Summary
Summary of sales in small towns2008

Sales Archives2004-2014 sales

Ag Sales Archives